Notable examples of graphic work I've done. Most are academic, some done for fun.

UCLA Extension

Academic, my entry for UCLA's annual poster contest.

Museo Bello

Academic, poster campaign for a Baroque museum in Puebla, México.


Few pieces I did for an art project.

Pepe art

My entries for the Pepe art contest held by (Jan 2024)

Three (3) of my entries were selected as winners!

Cripto Lotería

NFT piece parodying elements of crypto


Academic project, a short magazine I did focused on art and fashion.

Cholula (booklet)

Academic, short booklet showcasing black and white photography (taken by me) and talking about the town where I live, Cholula.

jcglz (business card)

Mockup for a concept business card with my identity.

PHOSIS Envelopes

Academic, mockups for a concept collateral design for my brand PHOSIS.

Concert poster

Academic, quick poster I did about the precautions you should take when in a concert.

Travis Scott poster

Academic, quick poster I did with Travis Scott's cactus theme.

Young Thug Punk cover

My entry for Young Thug x Adobe contest.

HANCHO graphic

One of the first graphics I did when I worked on the HANCHO project.

Spotify Wildly accesible

Academic, concept ad I did using Spotify's campaign.

Esquire - Elvis Preley

Academic project, just a concept cover of the Esquire magazine.

Sombras Brillantes

Academic, concept movie cover.