PHOSIS was born from an urge to create something tangible. This project has been extremely fulfilling as it presents challenges in both digital and physical form. This was my first true experience dealing with suppliers, design and develop screenprint-ready designs, handle all aspects of a micro-business including fulfillment and shipping.


I was 20 years old when I decided to take advantage of my explosive energy to create something fresh. I always wanted to have a clothing brand so I simply started brainstorming and quickly came up with the name "PHOSIS", which is just a truncated version of "Metamorphosis". I started to do a lot of research on how I was gonna be able to create clothing, sell it online and deliver it to the customer.


As this is a one man operation, I have to be very careful on how I spend my time working for this brand. The creation of a collection basically means I switch my brain into creative mode, then production mode and finally in marketing mode. This experience allowed me to learn tons of things from each stage and makes is very fulfilling. The development of a collection varies but on average it took around 4-5 months from start to finish.


As the years go by, I start to realize that I don't want to kill my passion for design by converting my hobby into a job, so for a while I've decided that PHOSIS could be an incredible life experiment, I want to try keeping it alive for as long as I can, create as much content as I can but in an enclosed way. If the opportunity ever comes and PHOSIS becomes the next big thing, then maybe I'll switch gears but for now I prefer it to just be a companion project in my life while I do other work I also enjoy.

Main learnings:



Released in May 2019 (5 products)


Released in May 2020 (13 products)


Released in January 2023 (17 products)