Here is a small compilation of some videos I've done. Most of them are academic projects and were elaborated in 1 or 2 days. If you want to see longer videos with a plot, check out my YouTube project Materialisimo.

Concept spot: Ledger Nano S Plus

Adobe After Effects

Ledger products are fascinating to me, so for my final project in Motion Graphics II, I decided to create a short concept spot about one of their products. Elaborated in around 10 hours.

Trailer: HANCHO

Sony Vegas Pro

Back in 2019, I was cold emailed by Minor Gods, a small group of guys developing "HANCHO", a turn-based fight game. I created this trailer for their video game. Elaborated in around 20 days.

Concept ad: Motorola DYNATAC 8000X

Blender + Adobe After Effects

Final project for my 3D Image class, this was my first experience with 3D software such as Blender. Elaborated in around 5 hours.

Infographical video: NFTs Explained (ES)

Adobe After Effects 

As I am an avid cryptocurrency user, for my final project in my Motion Graphics I class, I decided to do a full comprehensive explanation for NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) using primitive graphics and text. Elaborated in around 2 days.

Animated CV: jcglz (me)

Adobe After Effects

Cool project for my Motion Graphics II class, I tried to re-create an old operating system and use it as a way to present my abilities and hobbies. Elaborated in around 15 hours.

Loop: My room

Adobe After Effects

Basic loop depicting my room, created with pixel art. This was one of my first experiences with After Effects. Elaborated in around 4 hours.

Loop: Frida collage

Adobe After Effects

Short video loop, a collage of iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Elaborated in around 5 hours.

Loop: Bridge hyperlapse

Sony Vegas Pro

My first try at a hyperlapse. Elaborated in around 3 days.

Loop: Wigglegram

Sony Vegas Pro

My first successful wigglegram. Elaborated in around 2 days.

Loop: Hallway hyperlapse

Sony Vegas Pro

Another quick hyperlapse I did at my university. Elaborated in around 1 day.