CryptoNumeris was born because of two main reasons, a deep interest in cryptocurrency security and online classroom boredom. Back in 2021, the crypto markets were thriving, and I decided I wanted to create a product related to one of my favorite hobbies. The basic explanation of the product is that in order to have custody of your crypto, you need to safe keep a private key, and my product offers the user a way to permanently stamp their private key into stainless steel, which creates an indestructible and timeless copy of it, thus making it practically impossible to lose custody of their crypto.


I have always shown interest in the creative ways that crypto users keep their coins safe. One of those methods is stainless steel plates. The idea came once I went to a local shop and bought a piece of steel to make my own DIY backup, then I thought to myself "Well, it's a very simple product, I should sell these myself!" and just like that, for the next 5 months I started researching and making a plan for my new project.


The products may seem simple at first glance, and they are, but there is a lot of technical knowledge that was needed to bring these products to life. I am in charge to designing the plates themselves, designing the templates for laser-etched guides, packaging etc. - This was my first experience with an industrial grade creation and also with creating a product that customers will use with their hands. This forced me to create visual guides on how to setup the products and added lots of information of how the product works.


The main problem I have noticed is that sales are very correlated with the Bitcoin price, this means that for longs periods of time, sales can get very stale. I am not completely sure how much longer I want to run this project, but I have set a deadline (Q4 2024) to decide if CryptoNumeris will continue existing or not. A good advantage is that inventory takes very little space so that's a good excuse to just keep it as a hobby for as long as I can.

Main learnings:


Plate S

Released in May 2021

Board S

Released in July 2021

Phrase S

Released in February 2022